Billy D and the Hoodoos


Miss The Love

The people next door is fightin' he just called her an ugly name
If she leaves tonight then he'll be the one to blame
He's gonna miss that pleasin' sweet soul velvet touch
There ain't no rhyme no reason the ways of the heart are such
And he won't miss the fussin'
He won't miss the push and shove
Oh Lord above he'll miss the love

Some people just love that trouble they just love to make a mess
Goin round bustin' bubbles and puttin it to the test
And they might think they're winning these foolish games they play
'Til they find an unhappy endin waitin' on judgement day
And when they're gone forever
There was one thing they didn't think of
Oh Lord above they missed the love

So if you have the good fortune to find someone who cares
Times get hard and you think you want out
Brother don't you dare don't do it

I know what I'm sayin' it's why I'm so concerned
I was just taught a lesson I didn't want to learn
And I don't miss the sad times I guess nobody would
But I sure miss my woman and the times she felt so good
And I don't need this heartache
But it fit's just like a glove
Oh Lord above I miss the love
Oh Lord above I miss the love
Oh Lord above I miss the love

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